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Saturday, October 20 2018 @ 06:17 PM IST

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This Is a Forecast

Life in MilfordI have recently ordered a weather station to put up at the back of the house.
I had one at the old house in New Malden but it stopped working a couple of months before I moved.
I quite miss the daily pleasure of looking to see what the past 24 hours have been like. (yes I know I could have looked out of the window but it's not the same somehow).

The new one will be slightly better and will give me a 24 hour forecast for my exact location based on it's readings of data and trends.
It's due to arrive in about ten days and when I get it up and running I will try to find a way to link it to this page somehow.
I had a web page up at New Malden which showed all the current readings updated every minute. I would like to do that here although the software that comes with the new machine is unfamiliar territory to me.
I could go back to using the same software as I had before but I don't appear to have kept a copy of my registration code. I do have backup files from the last day before the old machine stopped working so maybe there is a way of extracting the code from that. I will have to investigate.

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Lovely Keyhaven

Life in MilfordI walk through Keyhaven every morning with Max.

Lucky me??

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Indian Summer

Life in MilfordThe weather has been glorious for the past few days so had a really enjoyable walk at Hengistbury Head yesterday with the dogs.

I think it's due to break down on Thursday though.

Tomorrow I hope to be up a ladder clearing out the gutters.

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More Global Warming

Life in MilfordIt's a fabulous autumn day on the Costa del Hampshire :)

Took Max for a long walk down to the Sturt Pond nature reserve and it was glorious. Went that way yesterday but couldn't walk back along the path back home alongside the pond because the tide was up and it was obstructed but today we went a bit earlier. The pond is full of swans, ducks and gulls but needless to say I forgot my camera. These two photo's were taken yesterday at the point of the obstruction.

I am really glad that I moved down here. Wish I had done it many years ago.

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Dire Warning

Life in MilfordThis was on the board at the harbour master's office in Keyhaven this morning
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Where's my Heatwave

Life in MilfordJust cut the grass and very menacing black clouds have appeared :(

Not at all what I was promised by Auntie BBC.